Bow-Spring Package for First-Time Students

Sridaiva Student-Teacher Training - Fall 2014!

Summer Bow-Spring Challenge

Our Bow-Spring Package encourages new practitioners to commit to their transformation by completing 5 classes in one month. This intensive course will re-calibrate connective tissue, align the spine, and engage the entire muscular form. Come shape the paradigm with Vital Yoga, in this life-changing opportunity! You will reinvent your entire being, from the way you feel physically, to your emotional responses, to your desire to share this intelligent system with those you care about. Details available soon!

If you're interested in our Teacher Training program, please take this short survey so we may better understand your needs.
Take part in Vital Yoga's community-wide yoga challenge this summer. Come practice with us as much as you can and see the changes; improved strength, flexibility and balance, reduced stress, healed aches and pains, increased energy and mental clarity, enhanced knowledge of the practice - a stronger and healthier you!